And it is time for a transition..

After 25 years, we are about to complete our transformation into a regional Managed Services Provider. At the basis of this final stage of our transition lays a refreshed vision on where we want to excel as a company and what services we offer to our clients. With this transformation we realize a fresh new image. Over the next few months, we will reveal our new corporate image to match our ambitions and focus. Stay tuned!  

"Focussing on our core-business provides much more space to move in."

About Netpro

'Worry Free IT'

Founded in 1996 in Curacao we are committed to provide you “Worry Free IT” services from the early start. We take care of IT so that you can sleep carefree at night. We advise you how to optimize processes and systems so that you can align them with your long-term goals. We offer Managed Services where we even go so far as to take full responsibility of your entire IT estate. Also, we can help you optimize your business through our SMART services. Advise on productivity improvements, efficiency, agility, self-services solutions and much more. With Netpro you ensure your company with a long-term partner that takes full responsibility of what they offer. With offices in Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao, we serve our customers throughout the entire Caribbean. 24 x7, with local support and a regional support service. 

"NetPro actually listens instead of providing a standard support package."

one network.
of more than 250 professionals.

In service of you, your business, your end user.

Working locally means there is always a professional close by. It also means that we truly understand the local challenges. We create solutions that fit the nature of our local communities, we respect local relationships and the need to build partnerships in our beloved region. With quality of service as our main driver, we believe that people make the difference. That is why we only work with experts in their field. We live by that promise as we can rely on our extensive and valued Network of Professionals.

"There is always a NetPro professional close by to provide local and hands-on support."

Managed services

We manage. We monitor. We act.

We take care of your environment. Manage your day-to-day operations, monitor critical IT components, and act when needed. We support, advise, and monitor our clients 24 x 7. Being part of an in-house team or taking on full responsibility, being part of the IT landscape or completely take responsibility. That is what we do. Everything within the spectrum of taking charge and supporting with expertise is based on the ambition to provide a reliable and flawless end user experience. Join our satisfied customers and enjoy your 'Worry Free IT' today!

worry free systems


  • Identity management
  • Device management
  • Security
  • Manage entire workplace
  • Provide end-user support
  • End user’s adoption
worry free servers


  • Connectivity
  • Performance & Availability
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud services
  • On-premises infrastructure
  • Hybrid infrastructure
  • Patching & updates
  • Cabling
worry free clouds

Private cloud

  • Provide compute power
  • Data residency on Bonaire
  • Private setup
  • Managed instances
Worry free software


  • Health checks
  • Performance monitoring
  • Management
  • Setup & Advise
Worry free IT

Cyber Security

  • Detection & Response
  • Critical Infrastructure Security
  • Security Blueprint
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Aggregate security data
  • SIEM Solutions
"NetPro gives advice and supports our company. They predict unpredictable challenges." 

Smart services

We listen. We observe. We consult. We improve.

At NetPro we pride ourselves in really mastering the art of listening. By listening to you, understanding your business, the challenges, the changes, the drivers, your wishes, and ideas, we lay the foundation of every transformation. As we push ourselves to provide the best service possible, we have a clear focus on the competencies and skills we master. And what not. That is why you can rely on getting the best possible advice. We call that SMART.

Worry free workflow


  • We share experiences and expertise
  • Work SMART and efficient
  • Work Process optimization
  • Turn data into information
  • Business Intelligence 
worry free servers


  • We share experiences and expertise
  • Networking & Connectivity
  • Design infrastructure to support workloads 
  • Migration strategy
worry free it


  • We share experiences and expertise
  • Information Protection
  • Identity Protection
  • Design & setup of IT security 
  • IT & OT Cyber Attacks
  • Security Blueprints

What are we proud of?

Earning our clients trust and for them to provide us with the opportunity to take care of their critical IT systems. To be able to provide the level of comfort our clients are looking for so they can focus on their core-business. That makes me proud.

- John van Wezel

What motivates us?

To provide a service that fully integrates with our client’s core-business. Being a natural extension of our client’s operations and adding knowledge and experience to relief them in areas they need. Seamlessly and reliable in a way the end-user has the best possible experience. Making that happen is where we excel.

– Melany King

Why do i love what i do?

Adding value to our client’s processes and contributing to their success is the best job in the world! Combining experiences from the past with new technologies and insights to make a positive impact on our clients and the clients of our clients is really satisfying. Making that impact, that is where we prove our worth.

– Thom van der Weide

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