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HackShield Goes Caribbean

We are very proud to share the launch of 'HackShield goes Caribbean'! The Meander school in Curaçao was the first school to participate in the HackShield program. Kids from age 8 to 12 learned from HackShield CEO and ambassador Tim Murck about the online world.

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From the first moment we learned about HackShield, we have worked diligently to get HackShield to the Caribbean. At Netpro we are all about Cyber Security and welcome every good initiative to help our kids get well educated on this topic. HackShield educates children through gamification and storytelling about the dangers of the online world. It helps children become aware of cybercrime, how to recognize it, how to deal with it, and equips them with the right knowledge and tools. They learn about subjects such as the internet, servers, providers, online limitations, phishing and much more. With a main focus on internet security, the program also emphasizes the importance of awareness and responsible online behavior.

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Due to a contribution from the government, this important educational program will be available on Curaçao for the next three years. Our goal is to help HackShield expand in the Caribbean and that other islands also get introduced to it. Together we make the Caribbean safer! In order to do so, we're continuously searching for new supporters and organizations that will collaborate to make this a financially independent platform. Organizations that understand the importance and support the cause can give guest lectures at schools as part of their corporate social responsibility activities. And in addition to education, all kinds of events and activities, such as holiday plans, will be organized.


HackShield works as a foundation, has no profit motive, and exists solely to continue developing the HackShield game and education program. Having the first real lesson done at the Meander School is a wonderful step toward making cyber safety more accessible, especially for the youngest generation. If you're interested in learning more about HackShield or would like to support the cause, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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