Our certified professionals work on continuous improvements with proven technology  and best practices. Our certified professionals work on continuous improvements with proven technology  and best practices.

Netpro stories

Thom van der Weide:
Strategy through connecting

Devising a strategy, for businesses or during a board game? Leave that to Thom van der Weide. This strategist has been living in Curaçao for almost five years and always strives to achieve the highest. Thanks to his human approach and his proactive attitude, Thom has already lifted the company to a higher level in recent years. Time to get to know him better.

Together with his family, Thom has been living on the island for five years. In Curaçao, nothing makes him happier than connecting with the people around him. He can be found regularly at the Cruyff Court, playing football with fiends. He also often plays a wide variety of board games with his friends. The importance of these connections is often reflected in his work. “Striving to achieve the highest together is something I really enjoy. Being valuable together and to map out a clear route to success for ourselves and for our clients. That is what I am passionate about.”

The road to NetPro

With experience in the banking world, a background in computer science and with various financial jobs under his belt, Thom was still new to IT. However, he quickly found his way. The moment in which he joined the company was ideal. “I knew I wanted to do something with people and computers. When I was on vacation in Curaçao, I just walked in. That proactiveness was much appreciated. The moment I joined NetPro, there was a lot o do and limited resource available. I had to fill a gap and that made me move even faster. I quickly completed my education and started as a technical employee. After six months as a service desk engineer, we saw that my qualities are more in organizing and managing. For example, I started working more in process optimization. Now I work with people, improve processes, and translate these into functional designs. An ideal package for me as a professional.”

Interpersonal management

What he enjoys most about his job is to exceed expectations. When a complex problem arises, he likes to work towards an ideal solution as quickly as possible. The appreciation he receives, is why he comes to work every day with a smile. “Working together with a solution-oriented mindset is the perfect balance for me. I believe that is also the power of NetPro. When you put the right people in the right place, that is when they can really make a difference. Sometimes we look outside the box and help each other. This interplay of perspectives ensures that you always look at problems and solutions from different angles. This is also important outside of work. Building relationships, as colleagues, but also with customers. A healthy relationship of trust is the basis to empower each other. Always with commitment, understanding and respect for each other.”

In addition to the interaction with his colleagues or customers, Thom also thrives on making processes transparent. By doing so, he helps NetPro customers grow. Optimized processes allow them to focus on what they are good at. “We help customers by asking many questions and by clarifying the work process. After these steps, we look at how it can be done even more efficiently and how technology can help. In this way, we bring structure to a company and optimize their standards. You also show people what could be done better. You start the dialogue. That is another way of connecting that I really like.”

Making a difference

Wherever he goes, Thom speaks with pride about his work. Something that makes us proud as well. “I like to share with others that I go to work every day with a smile. I also tell everyone I have the confidence to do what I am good at and that you can really make a difference for customers. A good example of this is a project commissioned by a government in the Caribbean. Here we have fully automated the annual recurring form for legislation. From logging in and registering to completion and payment. With all modules we created, it became quite the package.” Also, within NetPro he has already achieved a great deal. “I organized several staff parties and created structure throughout the whole company together with my colleagues. From sales to the invoicing process, and much more.”

With an eye on the future, Thom would like to continue making a difference. To achieve that, he never stops developing. “I like learning new skills. I enjoy developing and that is what we want at NetPro too. Keeping ahead in our market requires to continuously gain knowledge. Our future is bright. We are going to automate our processes even more and further increase productivity. We will become the best IT company of the Caribbean, and we may already be.”