Netpro stories

Looking for talents!

Flinx Recruitment Expo Dutch Caribbean, or in short FRED, is a recruitment event. FRED is a meeting point for jobseekers in the Netherlands and employers in the Dutch Caribbean. FRED has the primary goal to stimulate the (r)emigration of students and professionals in the Netherlands to the Dutch Caribbean. FRED has become the annual recruitment event for students and professionals seeking job opportunities in the Caribbean. 

The road to NetPro

Throughout the years, FRED has proven to be one of the best ways to find talents who are willing to work in the Dutch Caribbean. With over 30 regional Caribbean organizations participating in each edition, FRED offers a variety of activities for jobseekers to personally meet organizations they are interested in. As distance is sometimes hard to cross, FRED provides the opportunity to really connect.
We are pleased to be one of the exhibitors of the 2022 edition, which is the first edition after COVID, and we hope to have interesting and meaningful conversations with people looking who are open to expand their horizons!