Netpro stories

A new approach. A new identity.

Our story began over 25 years ago. A story full of ambitious and passionate experts, always ready to go the extra mile. Throughout the years, we have expanded our reach and served customers all over the Caribbean with numerous IT projects and IT support. Local presence was a given fact in every situation. We are proud of our past and ambitious for the future. The world is changing, borders disappear, and focus is key. At this very moment, it is time to connect the dots. To shift from working locally into a borderless network of professionals. And a new approach requires a new, more suitable, identity. 

Through our past, present, and future, we take ownership of the many diverse challenges our clients encounter. Our professionals and our partners, locally and globally, play a key role in providing ‘worry-free’ IT. We are committed to results and building long-lasting relationships. We believe technology should empower businesses. That is why we advise, improve, and give our clients peace of mind. They can simply focus on their business, knowing that our network of professionals is there when they need it. Always working ‘behind the scenes’, running the business smoothly and without hiccups.

Our new logo

We connect passionate professionals with certified procedures, sincere attention, and ownership. We provide the right knowledge at the right time and right location. That makes us your Caribbean technology provider with a network of professionals, passionate to improve businesses. All of this comes together in our new logo. The colours and connections represent the interplay between our professionals and their skills, our partners and their experts, and our clients with unique organizations. 

Unconditional quality

Our certified professionals excel in both their skills and their responsibilities. They work on continuous improvements with proven technology and best practices. We support each other to renew and strengthen our skills continuously. This guarantees our high-quality service. We are committed to this promise. It’s in our DNA. We are a trusted advisor and transform business challenges into proven technology solutions. With understand of the market, the regions, and their challenges. We not only see the opportunities, but also the threats. Thinking preventively, proactively, and act accordingly. That is the NetPro guarantee. 

24/7 peace of mind

Passionate, specialized and committed to caring with full attention to both customer and talent. A trusted partner, always two steps ahead of the game. It’s what we love and what you trust us for. Resulting in 24/7 peace of mind. Do you have a problem? Do not worry. We got you. Our team of experts with regional expertise and a clear vision of your business will act as part of your organization. A strong engagement with a personal touch, that is how we build a true partnership you can rely on.

A bright future

Having these guidelines branded into our identity, we can keep expanding, knowing that every professional and client understands the blueprint of our NetPro brand. We focus on what is in front of us, researching ways to become even more valuable. New clients will encounter the brightest NetPro yet, and our current clients will grow with us to never-ending heights. The future is bright, connected, and full of colour. Our future is NetPro.