Cybercrime Awareness Seminar 2019

Awareness is crucial, as a remedy for cyber crime 

Digital attacks are one of the greatest challenges of our time. There is a significant increase of digital attacks on Bonaire, but also on Aruba and Curacao, where organizations of 1 – 20 employees are the target. There are several known cases of entrepreneurs who have had to pay several thousands of dollars to get back to their systems and data.

Recognizing and combatting cybercrime starts with raising awareness, and therefore our ability to react.

You are cordially invited to attend the Cybercrime Awareness Seminar 2019, with two fantastic keynote speeches by

  • Dave Maasland – CEO of ESET Netherlands and Caribbean. ESET is one of the largest IT security companies and plays a significant role in overall Cybersecurity in Europe, the Caribbean and North America.
  • Erik- Jan Koedijk – Inspiring keynote speaker, Bestselling author. Chairman and member of the advisory board of Alert Online. Member advisory group Dutch police.

Who should attend: Business owners, Directors, Managers, IT staff, Media and government officials


Upcoming seminars

Bonaire: November 5, 2019 Register here

Curacao: November 6, 2019 Register here

Aruba: November 7, 2019 Register here


This seminar is powered by NetPro Group IT Solutions

Snacks and refreshments are included

registration is obligatory.