What we do

NetPro Group specializes in high-quality IT solutions and training opportunities. With offices in Curaçao and Aruba and joint ventures in Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago, NetPro has a widespread presence in the Caribbean.

NetPro brings technology and people together. We run our business by finding creative IT solutions and implement this with the right set of skills and expertise. NetPro offers highly skilled professionals in all different levels to today’s – and tomorrow’s businesses. By offering the full range of support, manageability, consulting and integration, NetPro is a respected partner for many companies and government agencies.

It is our passion to transform your business environment to the utmost professional and innovative level. With our highly skilled staff and through the close cooperation with our valued business partners, NetPro has successfully implemented many different solutions for our customers.

SOLUTIONS Innovation is useless if it has no impact. It’s about finding the right balance between productivity and vitality of the organization. We find you the best IT Solution to help you further, now and in the future.

SERVICES Service is natural to us. The IT world keeps moving at a high speed, with cloud-services coming increasingly within reach. We provide stability, connectivity, maintenance and support which helps you maximize the use of technology, if necessary, 24 hours a day.

PEOPLE Technology makes life easier and more efficient but only if it really works and add something to it. We have years of knowledge and experience with innovative IT solutions. We would like to share this technical expertise with you. We put this in a variety of interactive projects, whether it comes to communication, information, documentation or education.

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